Why Should You Become a Seller on Fiverr?

Using Fiverr will allow you to start generating income online as quickly as possible, by selling products and services that are only $5 per “Gig.”

This sales model is designed to offer an affordable option for Buyers who need these products and services, but may not have the cash to hire a provider who charges by the hour, with steep minimums.

Some things that you wish to offer may seem to be worth more that $5 at times, but if you can find way to create a system or template for fulfilling your Fiverr orders, this is a proven way to sell all sorts of services and even some types of physical products.

The demand for these “small services” starting at only $5 per Gig has people worldwide discovering the buying power of just $5 on Fiverr. Being 100% free to join, with no fees for the Buyer, gives Fiverr quite the large community of Buyers just waiting to check out your latest Gig.

The popularity of the Fiverr website will bring you a large amount of traffic to your Gigs, with little to no effort on your part, which will help to ensure that you get plenty of sales for your products and services.

It is important that you set up your Fiverr profile as soon as possible, so that potential Buyers know who they’re dealing with. A good profile builds confidence in the Buyer, making them more likely to order from you.

Here are some quick tips to get up and running as a Fiverr Seller quickly, easily, and successfully.

Your Username

A username should be chosen that is relevant to your services and products.

Social media platforms such as Twitter may help you direct your Twitter followers to Fiverr for your Gigs, so make your username short, sweet and meaningful.

This will help your customers understand your business on Fiverr and know what it is all about.

You can also opt for your own name, or a favorite personal or business type username that you use on other websites.

Don’t make it too complicated, just in case a Buyer needs to Search for you on Fiverr. You want them to be able to spell your username correctly without much effort. This will make it easier to find the Gigs that you are offering by searching on your username.

Always stay inviting and friendly as possible when choosing your Fiverr username.

Your Profile Photo

The profile picture that you choose to upload is very important.

Choosing a nice photo for your profile avatar will allow your customers to put a “face” to your name and your business.

You can use a photo of yourself, or a graphic that represents what your Gigs or your business are all about. You can also create personalized drawings or graphics for your portrait.

Your Bio

Adding a few sentences about yourself, or the business that you plan to develop on Fiverr, is very helpful. This will make your account more personable than simply creating the account and then listing things to sell.