Top Tips on Setting Up a House Cleaning Schedule

This article is for cleaners who run their own house cleaning service or for those who are thinking about starting up their own house cleaning business and need to know how to set up a cleaning schedule for your customers.

In order to run an effective house cleaning business you really should have a house cleaning schedule for each individual customer. The reason being is that you need to know what your customer wants on each of your visits. 

The main purpose of implementing a home cleaning schedule is to do more work in less time. It should enable you to be more time-productive and to make sure you clean the places you are supposed to clean.
You’ll find that the majority of your customers will want different cleans on different visits and will have different priorities for different areas of their house. As you can imagine this can be quite complicated to keep track of for each individual customer.
Therefore I recommend that you have a cleaning schedule form in the format of a table and tick boxes.
Draw up a form in Word on your PC with a list of all the rooms in a house in one column, then the next two columns will be used as ticking boxes for priority one and priority two. 
Print off a few dozen blank copies, then on each visit to your customers’ house, leave a blank form for them to complete for the next time you visit their house. You can then simply look at the home cleaning schedule and you’ll know which rooms to clean on that particular day and which priority to give them.
You could have an electronic version of each customers’ form on your PC or Maid Software system, but I think that a hard copy version is much easier both for you and your customer.