Time and Attendance Goes Mobile

Who would have thought that your cell phone would start to play a prominent role in the workplace? Well with all the new smartphone apps, it is starting to become slightly more imaginable. In fact, Econz just developed an app that will take time clock software mobile, allowing management to view time, attendance, job tasks, cost codes, breaks and GPS tracking data of all mobile workers. The app is called Timecard and it is sure to become a breakthrough in the business world, and this is why:

All of the mobile time card software data can be easily sent to over 100 accounting and payroll packages with this new app. This makes paper time cards and tedious payroll paperwork a thing of the past. This also makes for a more environmentally conscious workplace as well by eliminating unnecessary wastes.

Also, Econz is arguing that the Timecard app will increase worker productivity with its GPS feature and the quick data transfer that can measure break time. Employees will be more likely to be on time, and stay away from any unauthorized areas knowing that their boss may be tracking them. Of course this time card software may generate privacy issues, but that will need to be disclosed by the employer and agreed upon by the employee to prevent any conflict.

Econz is also saying that their new app will reduce costs and help document federal and state wage-hour laws. Again the reduction of paper use allows for lower costs, and less employee time spent on payroll paperwork, which allows for an overall more efficiently run business. And with a close eye kept on time clock software, overtime it will be easier to monitor, especially when employees need to take their breaks.

The cost of the app is $12.99 a month per device, and it is available on all major networks and on most phones including Blackberrys. Whether the app is right for your business depends on how you would like your company to be run, but regardless it is impressive to see how much impact mobile devices are making on the business world.