So the first of the four new additions to the Schleich “World of History” model range has arrived and it is apt that the first out of the box as it were, is the light green Tyrannosaurus rex model. This sturdy little fellow with his big feet and articulated lower jaw, lined with teeth is going to prove to be very popular with young dinosaur fans and model collectors no doubt. dinosaur egg toy

As the “Tyrant Lizard King” is such a well-known and popular member of the Dinosauria, no self-respecting Natural History Museum wouldn’t dream of opening a gallery dedicated to these long extinct reptiles without having at least, some Tyrannosaur material to wow visitors. The design team at Schleich must have gone through the same thought process as they now have no less than three different T. rex models to offer fans in their prehistoric life model ranges.

Intriguing Size and Colouration

The dark, almost black eyes of this beast contrast nicely with the light green shading of the body. The underside of the model is painted a sandy colour and although this Tyrannosaurus rex measures a hefty twenty-seven centimetres from the tip of its broad snout to the end of its muscular tail, it is a fraction shorter than the dark green T. rex model introduced by Schleich back in 2012. It has been proposed that the smaller and lighter coloured model could represent a male adult Tyrannosaur, whilst the 2012 version, being slightly bigger and heavier could represent a female member of the species.

Robust versus Gracile

Two types of “Tyrant Lizard” fossil skeleton have been described from Upper Cretaceous fossil deposits such as the famous “Hell Creek” Formation of Montana. First we have the bigger, stronger body fossils, with wider hips and a more robust body form in general. Then we have a more graceful set of fossils, which in comparison to the robust form are approximately ten percent smaller. Could this be evidence of girl Tyrannosaurs being bigger than the boys? Palaeontologists think that the girl “rexes” were larger and more powerful than the males as they had to have larger, wider hips to permit the passage of eggs via the oviducts. Perhaps in Tyrannosaurus rex society it was the girls who ruled the roost!

Articulated Lower Jaw

The overall feel of this model is excellent. The design team have created lots of fine detail over the body with individual, uniform scales having been picked out. The lower jaw is moveable, so this monster can be posed with either its formidable jaws opened or closed. When open, the careful paint work on the teeth and inside the mouth can be admired. The feet are a little oversized, this helps the model balance and as a result, we had no problem getting this relatively large dinosaur model to stand up on the bedroom carpet, a big help if you are a young dinosaur fan playing “Jurassic Park” in the bedroom.

This is another super dinosaur model from the German manufacturer, one that will be loved by children who like dinosaurs. Collectors too, could do with giving this replica some respect as Schleich have managed to reflect what is known about this reptile in their creation and the skin texture and skull of the model is very well sculpted.