Many find the idea of revolution frightening, most especially those who are living the good life. Change is dangerous. The unknown may be monstrous and ugly. Life will never be the same and the sameness of many lives is perceived as comfort and security. We can expect many to hang on to this perception until it is no longer possible. As in the story of the Three Little Pigs, we know those who will prepare for change will be a minority and probably a very small one. It is that minority I hope to reach in this new Information Age. 450 bushmaster ammo

My astrology book explains how age changes bring on chaotic conditions and social upheaval. The astrological age is changing from Pisces to Aquarius. The Age of Pisces began around the time Jesus walked the earth and Rome destroyed Jerusalem in the first century of the new age. In some circles America is considered the new Jerusalem. The blessings America has enjoyed between wars indicate there might be some truth to this idea. So what happens when three different age changes take place at once? Should we expect tripled chaos and upheaval? It seems to me the attacks of September 11, 2001, the first year of the new ages, symbolize this change.

If we look at the Biblical divine day of 1,000 years, we see the 6,000 year Age of Man is drawing to a close, to be replaced by the Kingdom Age, a one thousand year sabbath rest to the land. A time of cleansing, peace and regeneration. We get to clean up the messes made in our name and the name of progress. The Industrial or Machine Age is giving way to the Information Age. The reason we can expect chaos and upheaval is that the old order struggles as hard as it can to maintain power and control in the face of change. The new order has to deal with this as it struggles for birth. Saddam Hussein symbolizes the old order, as does President Bush and the entire Western, corporate, money loving establishment. The World Wide Web, satellite communications and universal compassion symbolize the new order. The clash is scary, loud, nasty, bloody and deadly.

In the Book of Revelation, we have end time scripture where God says: “Come out of her my children, that you not be partakers of her plagues.” There is nothing abstract or esoteric in the command. It is simply to separate from the money lovers, who are about to taste of divine justice. Divine justice is something quite apart from the American justice we often hear so loudly proclaimed. By the extent of the prophesied destruction, we can expect a survival rate of one in three of the existing population – those who have forcibly or voluntarily separated from money lover economics, politics and greed.