Sudbury news: Propel program launched in downtown business improvement area

On Friday, the Downtown Sudbury Business Improvement Area unveiled a new initiative.

It’s called the Propel Program and includes outreach workers working in the downtown core and with BIA members about their concerns.

Training with also be provided to business owners on how to navigate difficult social situations.

“We are so excited to launch this program where we will be able to provide some support to our downtown business owners as well as some training on how to work downtown and interact with those vulnerable individuals,” said Kendra MacIsaac, co-chair of the Downtown Sudbury BIA.

“And then support the vulnerable individuals in getting to access the services they are looking for.”

The program also includes the continuation of the Downtown Clean Up program. BIA officials said one of the main goals is to and create a cleaner, safer and more hospitable downtown environment.

As part of the project, Downtown Sudbury is partnering with the Go-Give Project, which will provide professional outreach workers offering those supports.