Strategic Planning With GOSPA

GOSPA is a wining formula in business and personal life.

The acronym means the following:-






The above are common and regular words in the field of business, never will they be replaced with any better words.

In strategic planning, Goals and Objectives look alike, same with strategies and plans. Yet they are poles apart. Goals remain those desired end points while objectives are those actions that will deliver those goals. Strategies and plans are laid down tactics enshrined in various activities in ones business or personal life to produce the needed results.

To achieve any goal with GOSPA model, the user must write down all he intends to achieve and why. This blue print must state what to do, when to do it, who will do it, where it must be done and how it will be done. Writing such plans down helps one to get focused on the real thing and take on schedules they can handle effectively.

GOSPA got its derivatives from an age long business formula SMART which stipulates that all goals set down by an individual or organization must be specific, measurable, achievable realistic and time bound.

Research in business and personal life improvement shows that the use of GOSPA, 5W&H, with SMART can improve productivity by at least 25% annually. 25% improvement annually may look slow but achieving it year over year turns out to be a giant leap. Usage of all these formula shows the real focused actors and offers them the much needed checks and balances least they engage in white elephant projects.