Self Employed? How to Multiply Your Success

Earlier in my entrepreneurial career, I didn’t know quite what to expect of groups I joined. Sometimes it felt like shameless self-promotion, other times it felt like good networking.

When I found the right groups, however, my success was multiplied. Why was that? A few reasons:

o Accountability: There’s nothing more powerful that sharing with a group that you will take action on something. You absolutely want to make sure you took action before the next group meeting. Therefore, you end up taking more action and achieving more success than on your own. Your success is multiplied through accountability.

o Ideas: When you are in the right group, you get more ideas than you know what to do with. Far more ideas than you could come up with on your own. Sometimes you become too attached to your business or business idea. Someone in your group will share an idea that you had never thought of and that would increase your success ten fold. Your success is multiplied through a continuous exchange of ideas from others. You never run out of new things to try and new things to offer your customers. Sometimes just hearing what someone else has done gives you new ideas for your own business.

o Problem-Solving: When there are problems or challenges in your business, chances are you are not the first to experience it. Other entrepreneurs have walked that path. When you are in a group, there’s almost always someone present who experienced something similar to your current challenge. Or, at the very least, you a group of folks to brainstorm solutions with. Your success is multiplied when you can resolve problems more quickly and more creatively.

o Overcome Fears: When you are in a supportive group that also challenges you to succeed, you will find that your fears diminish. There are times when I show up for one of my meetings and I leave the room totally pumped to achieve great things. The fears or apprehensions I came in with were met with stories of success that prompted me to return to my business and achieve success as well. Your success is multiplied when you get past your self-limiting fears and beliefs.

o Referrals: When you are a part of a group of like-minded people who share your vision for success, they are also inspired to tell others about you. The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth. When your peers tell others about you, you get new business and your success is multiplied.

ACTION: If you have already started a business or you are seriously thinking about it, one of your first steps is to check out the groups around you. Visit their meetings and see what it is like. Then join one or two groups to fuel and multiply your success as an entrepreneur.