SaaS-Based Payroll Services for Small Businesses

Expensive infrastructure, cost on setting up a payroll department, payroll software maintenance and training in-house employees has given rise to Software as a Solution (SaaS)-based payroll services. There are few companies that have initiated online payroll services to help businesses concentrate more on their other important core business operations.

When businesses hire payroll services, they need a computer and internet connection to access payroll summary reports of the employees. Whether it is a start-up business, small or mid-sized business, they can access and process payroll every month without employing people as well as setting up a department. With one account, the business owner can have access to previous payroll information and can process current payroll on time and with accuracy.

The employer enters the working details, pay scale and other essential information to get the accurate amount to be paid to the employee in each pay period. The payroll calculations also include necessary deductions in terms of loans, debts, taxes from the salary amount.

The best part of the SaaS-based payroll service is that the details entered for a particular employee is stored for the next payroll procedure. In addition, it eliminates the need to make manual calculations, which are often considered as a main reason of having errors in payroll processing. Once you have entered the details onto the system, you only need to preview and approve it so that it goes directly to the employees’ account via direct deposit.

Apart from payroll services, they also pay and file payroll taxes as per the federal, state and local laws. With this, the company can be sure that they have made the payment accurately and timely to stay away from all types of penalties and charges. Moreover, even if the company receives any type of notice by the IRS department, it becomes the duty of the outsourced company to handle all issues. So, the company can be sure that they will not have to make payments against penalties imposed by the IRS department.

As you are ready to take online payroll service for your small business, you must make a right selection to get maximum features within a reasonable price. You can refer their reviews published online to see their capabilities of meeting their client’s expectations. Moreover, a direct interaction with sales representatives will also help you to solve your queries related to their solutions and services. You can ask for a free quote as the first step in making a selection for your company and can proceed further afterwards.