Retail Hanger Upgrade

What would you think if you walked into a store and there were clothes down on the floor? You would probably think that the store did not take care of their merchandise. You may also get the impression that they sold sub-par products and did not care enough about them to invest in some decent hangers. You would probably not want to buy anything or even look around. All of these things can keep you from ever wanting to visit a store again. The bottom line is that clothes falling off of the hangers can quickly turn customers against you. There is, however, a very simple solution.

The hanger industry has come a long way. The first hangers were invented over one thousand years ago and they have been improved upon ever since. There are so many styles and designs that you are sure to find hangers that will work for you if you look for them.

The first rule is to invest in hangers that are of a high enough quality to withstand your customers. Customers are the number one destroyer of hangers in retail stores. They cram them in where they do not fit, yank clothes off of them, step on them and shove them further than they can handle. The result is a store full of broken hangers and clothes on the floor. This leads to dirty or damaged merchandise that you can not sell. It leads to broken dangerous liabilities lying around your retail store floor. Lastly, it leads to a bad store image and decreasing sales.

Standard hangers were designed for suit coats. They do not work very well with today’s lightweight softer materials. You really need hangers with slip resistant strips and strap hooks to keep these items from slipping off the hanger. This also helps the items hang uniformly on the racks.

Wooden hangers can really impact people’s impression of your store. Wooden hangers keep everything hanging evenly spaced. Select ones that are curved so that they do not stretch out the shoulders of smaller items. Research shows that people spend more money on items hung with wooden hangers. They associate the quality of the garment with the quality of the hanger. Wooden hangers not only protect your merchandise and look nice, but they are extremely durable and can attract higher paying customers to your store.

Upgrade your store from cheap plastic to high-end wooden hangers. It can make more of a difference than you may have thought.