Online Lead Generation – Spoiler Alert – A Controversial Technique

Generating leads online can be difficult when you’re first starting out in MLM. You may lack the track record, the income, the following that some of the heavy hitters and more well-known names already have. I was standing in your exact shoes when I first started but this article’s aim is to help you use a little “controversial” technique to start generating leads quickly.

When I first started marketing online, there was just so much stuff and clutter and methods that I struggled to wrap my head around all of it. Combine that with financial pressures, a dead-end customer service job, and family responsibilities and you have a recipe for frustration. However, they say “the cream rises to the top” so the first thing I did was develop a philosophy and mission statement. Every traditional business has one, so why not dig deep and develop a purpose that will keep you motivated that you can look at when times get rough. For some it may be easy to build at network marketing business by just calling their family and friends. However if that doesn’t work for you like it did not work for me, you will have to learn to generate leads online and offline.

You could buy leads, but I was financially prepared to buy the number of leads to make the numbers work in my favor and from my experience the leads I could afford just weren’t ready to be in business for themselves and were just looking for a job. I’m sure you’ve been through that too!

So I decided to use attraction marketing strategies to build my business and studied some of the bigger names and bought books here and tools hoping to drive some traffic to my capture page and some people opted-in but not the numbers I needed. So again, I got frustrated until I noticed a unique pattern among some of the more successful marketers online.

They were all saying the same thing! Yes they had their own style but at the core most of the information I found online from some of the best attraction marketers were saying the same thing. You may or may not have heard this said before: “There’s nothing new in network marketing” only the method of communications change. Spoiler Alert: The core principles of network marketing stay the same.

The way you’re going to be able to generate leads on a budget it to learn the teachings of the some of the best online marketers, learn it, and re-teach what you’ve learned in your own way. Some might find this controversial, but some of the biggest names learned from the late great Jim Rohn and he learned from Mr. Shoaff. So the key to success in this industry as in many others is mentorship. There is an untapped well of people who have not unlocked this method and need a guide that they can connect with and study under. I know this to be true, because I was lost when I first started got into network marketing and I didn’t understand who I needed to be in order to get where I wanted to get. So learn the techniques of others, opt-in to their lists, check out their blogs and comment and ask questions.

Then take what you have learned, of course don’t steal it word for word, but make it as simple as possible and write an article about it or make a video and share it via facebook. Now I’m not saying to lie or fake it till you make it, I am saying become a teacher and mentor for others who may have less experience or may be less tech savvy than you. Cater to the two most basic desires of internet users: entertainment and education. Give people what they want; not what you want. This is important and I explain why this in great detail on my blog. However if you want to start generating free MLM leads asap, learn to breakdown network marketing strategies into very simply articles or videos and add your own personality to it and before you know it people will opt-in your list and folks will start calling like it happened for me.

Below you will find a link to my blog where I specifically address and explain different methods for generating leads for the MLM industry and few great network marketing training resources that will help you get a jumpstart on generating leads through articles. Be sure to check them out.