J.D. Arthur Diezel House gets colourful makeover

Calling it an “evocative symbol of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of art,” officials in downtown Windsor are celebrating the transformation of a historic home on Ouellette Avenue.

Local artist Daniel Bombardier, known in art circles as “Denial”, and Detroit artist “Ghostbeard,” reimagined the J.D Arthur Diezel House at 841 Ouellette Avenue.

Instead of white, the house is now a splash of colour on the city’s main street downtown.

“A once forgotten structure now stands as an emblem of how art can reinvigorate and redefine urban landscapes,” said Bombardier. “Every brushstroke on 841 Ouellette was an ode to Windsor’s resilience and spirit. It’s more than just a painting. It’s a narrative of hope and reinvention.”

Ward 3 city councillor Renaldo Agostino said the fresh paint stirs a sense of local pride and connection.

“Art possesses the innate power to redefine spaces and captivate souls,” he said. “We aimed to infuse fresh vibrancy into 841 Ouellette, offering a spectacle that evokes joy and spurs meaningful conversations within our community.”

Project liaison Ryan Eyres hopes the project will create an irresistible backdrop for social media users.