Importance Of Store Fixtures In Retail Marketing

Retailers at large undermine the value of store fixtures not realizing that it can help in creating a good, valuable and returning customer base. Some retailers even have the notion that those free stands that they can get from their vendors will make excellent display choices to showcase their wares, without knowing that customers seldom look at stands and display units that are sponsored. It is not just about the quality of the shelf or rack in which this is displayed but also about the syncing of the display system with the rest of the d├ęcor in the store.

Presentation As Important As The Product Mix

Presentation is the missing link that ordinary retailers have been unsuccessful at. In fact, it is as important as the product mix that a retail store offers to its customers. If the presentation is a failure even the best product mix will not do any good in the retail business. Retailers who buy different product mixes do so after they pay a visit to trade shows, where the vendors of those shows present their products in the best possible fashion that instigates the retailers to order the same for their stores. When it comes to duplication of the same, many fail to do so, not thinking that the same applies to their walk-in customers as well.

Visual Impressions Last Long

Anything that is pleasing to the eye, last long in the minds of customers. Therefore, top priority must be given to presentation. Products that are piled up aren’t a good sight to see and that would be the last choice for customers to choose from. Neatly arranged and visibly appealing organization attracts customers to the product. Additional care to be given in the case of special products and offers that are put up form time to time.

Badly arranged products, apart from giving a clumsy look can go unsold which is not what a retailer wants. It is pertinent to remember that consumers cannot buy what they cannot see. Products need to be arranged in such a manner that it offers maximum visibility while being pleasing to the eyes. Store fixtures help in creating a visual impression on the customer’s mind of the product on display. It is also important to have the right mix of fixtures that can be related to the right tools that are needed to fix an engine.

Products need to be arranged in such a manner that the short time that a customer spends as the store he or she is attracted to it making them to buy it. With internet swoops becoming the order of the day, the number of customers who walk into a shop are becoming lesser. Therefore it is extremely necessary to ensure that the right fixtures are in the right place, so that the walk-in customer gets what he/she wants and walk away happy.

Establishing The Retail Brand

The base fixture style must talk more about the retail brand, the store and must express the ambience that the retailer has in mind. The choice of materials for racks must solely depend on the ambience that is planned. For an outdoor feel, it is best to use wood, for a techno feel, steel is recommended, a combination of both can also be used based on the product lines that are to be displayed on the racks. Fixtures convey the message, offer a feel and create a consistency to get the undivided attention of the customers. Customers need to feel comfortable and silently appreciated for being in this retail store and not in the competitor’s. Correct fixtures offer that comfort and ambience where the customers feel appreciated for being there.

It’s All About Change

The hot design today may not be so tomorrow, this rule applies to everything that comes our way, fixtures are no exception. The merchandising world is all about change – fixtures need to adapt to that too. Hence, it becomes pertinent to purchase fixtures that are flexible and can be adapted to changes within the store. Having the store on wheels is one way, mobile racking solutions enable for quick change in look without actually doing anything big. People are drawn to something new and old customers can peep into the store, invariably leading to an increase in the sales.

Point of Purchase Vendor Fixtures

Vendor fixtures at the point of purchase become a necessity but it is very important not to overdo them as it will not solve the purpose. Vendor’s fixtures need to stand out from the rest therefore too many of the same can dilute it. Vendor fixtures that are in contrast to the base look of the store can be used, again, in the right dilution. It is important to understand that a POP fixture is more of an advertising campaign and the fixture must do just that and nothing more!