Illuminate Your Branding With Lightbox Signage

In the business world, the business that attracts the most customers survives and grows while the rest struggle and eventually fail. This is a business truism. However, only a certain percentage of business income can be allotted for attracting customers. This is another truism. The question then becomes how to make best use of your available money.

If your business is huge like a Ford or a General Motors, then there is a lot more money available to spend on attracting customers. But for the small business, money is more limited as are the choices. Magazine, television and full page newspaper advertising is most likely out of the realm of possibility, at least as an on-going solution.

Imagine you are in a strange city where you don’t know any stores by name. Walking down the main street or through the mall — what makes one business stand out over another? Signage is the answer. Call it presentation, or display, aura or presence, the signage creates the atmosphere the business wants to convey in order to attract customers. In today’s merchandising world, just simply hanging out a shingle won’t get the job done.

Illuminated lightbox signs are an excellent solution to attracting customers. These signs are back-lit to make your message jump out and can be produced in any shape or size. Color is limited only by your imagination and they are classy. There are even individual letter lightboxes that can spell out the name on the side of a building. Of course, another great advantage to light box signage is the cost. This is a one-time investment that will last for years, making it extremely cost-effective.

Versatility is another huge plus for illuminated signs. They are not for simply attracting customers into the store. They are extremely effective in directing customers inside the store to high volume centers for greater profits. The smaller signs can rotate, some are L.E.D. thin signs placed on a wall, connected to a computer so they can be changed sale to sale, day to day, or moment to moment. Some are oval, some rectangular, others triangular or pyramidal. There is almost no limit to size, color or configuration of lightboxes.

Another advantage of an illuminated lightbox is they are light weight. They can be suspended from the ceiling or moved from location to location within the store. Additionally, the messages on many of these signs can be replaced without purchasing a whole new sign. Simply remove the face, or faces and place the new face in the sign. This is most economical advertising.

Bottom line is this: to attract customers economically and with flair, there is no better medium than illuminated lightbox signage. Furthermore, to direct customers within the store to the greater profit areas then, once again, consider lightbox signs to be the right tool for the job. Next to word of mouth, it is the best advertising you can have for the money.