How HVAC Is Helping Retail Establishments Reopen During COVID-19

The retail industry is in a slump this year, with many establishments closing their doors. This has been primarily due to COVID-19, which led people to stay indoors and avoid shopping.
But did you know ventilation systems are becoming more critical during the reopening of many establishments. This is because they may contain the spread of the virus.
As a result, local governments have outlined HVAC guidelines for business owners so that their retail spaces would be safe from COVID-19, thereby keeping customers and employees safe from the virus.
In this article, we explain how HVAC is playing an essential role in the reopening of retail establishments.

What is HVAC System?

HVAC systems are designed to keep buildings at a comfortable temperature all year long. Many benefits come along with installing an HVAC system, such as increased comfort levels, thanks to accurate climate control adjustments, no matter what time of the day it is.
Other perks include lower utility bills and healthier living conditions due to cleaner air quality.

How Can HVAC Systems Limit the Spread Of Covid-19?

An HVAC system is responsible for keeping indoors cool and prevents the spread of airborne pollutants indoors by filtering them out of your breathing space with their various filtration systems like HVAC Filters, Cleaner Blades, and Duct Work.
As COVID-19 is spreading across the world, proper air filtration could be one step towards limiting airborne transmission of COVID-19, which means upgrading your HVAC filters may keep you safe from this new threat.

Guidelines For The Retail Sector

To improve the air quality, there are a few measures that malls and retail stores need to abide by if they want to reopen. The American Society of HVAC Engineers recommends retailers use high-quality filtration with MERV 13 or higher on their filters. MERV 13 is twice as efficient at trapping particles like pollen, pet dander, and smoke from cigarettes.

This measure can reduce exposure to indoor allergens and the possible spread of COVID-19 so people may enjoy clean air indoors while shopping without concerns about allergies or catching the virus.


To open businesses again, many business owners are seeking the help of HVAC technicians. This is due to new EPA requirements and guidelines that state they need professional advice on what upgrades would be best for them during Covid-19.

HVAC Companies can help you reopen your retail establishment by determining what upgrade your current system needs to abide by the EPA requirements.