Four Guerrilla Marketing Techniques Insurance Agents Should Use!

Building a clientele of insurance customers isn’t the easiest thing to do. And whether you are just starting out in the insurance industry or if you have had years of experience, it’s always good to find ways to attract customers without spending too much on your advertising expenses. That’s where guerrilla marketing can help. Guerrilla marketing is a way to advertise your services with a minimal (if any) cost to you. Here are four effective guerrilla marketing techniques you should start utilizing now to attract more customers.

  1. Paying it Forward – This technique may cost a few dollars but the returns can be huge. The next time you are at the coffee shop, the movie theater or somewhere like that, pay for the person’s ticket or coffee that is behind you. Then, give the cashier a business card to hand to that person. Even if you don’t get that person to be a client of yours, the word of mouth is going to be huge and you could reap the benefits in the near future. With this technique, keep your costs at a minimum by making sure the person behind you is an individual or a couple instead of a group or family of 5 or 6.
  2. Write a Few Guest Blogs – If you know someone who runs a blog about the type of insurance products and services you provide, you can ask if you can do some guests posts. A guest blog will get you some recognition and you can almost always include a link to your website somewhere in the blog or at the end. Guest blogging also gives you credibility in your insurance specialty which is great for business
  3. Create a Top 10 List for Promotional Purposes – People see business cards every day at the cash registers and other areas of your local businesses. In fact, they are so prevalent that most people simply don’t notice them anymore. But if you make your promotional materials unique, you will have a better chance of being noticed. Why not create a “Top 10 Reasons to Choose [your business name here] for Your Life Insurance” and put those out instead of your business cards? People love lists because they are concise and easy to read. Make your list humorous and true and you will notice an increase in your clientele in just a short time.
  4. Send Holiday Emails – Holiday emails are a great way to connect with your current customers, but why not send them to your past clients as well? They may not be using your services right now, but if they need them again, your name will be the first one they think of if you keep in touch with them. Send them emails for the appropriate holidays that they celebrate so as to not offend them and you’ll see a huge return for nothing more than just a few minutes of your time.

These are just a few techniques you can put into your advertising arsenal to help build your customer base. Of course, the more creative you can be will be a factor in how many people you will attract to your insurance products and services. Just remember that the most effective advertising techniques aren’t always the most expensive ones.