Display Mannequin in Retail Store Environment is Effective Sales Tool

They were the subject of a cheesy movie that became one of the biggest hits of 1987. They were the subject of an even cheesier 1991 sequel. They have also arguably become one of the most prominent and powerful tools among successful clothing retailers worldwide. And mannequins continue to play a growing role in retail clothing sales today.

Beyond being unlikely movie stars, Mannequins are among the most effective sales tools in a retail clothing environment. But mannequins don’t just sell the clothes they are wearing. They are actually important tools for selling all of the clothes around them as well. Mannequins show customers what the store is all about and they create an image within the mind of what to expect from the clothes the store carries.

The biggest thing that mannequins provide is a beacon to certain areas of the store. Mannequins dressed a certain way tell people who are in tune with that particular style that this area of the store is for them. They also are the most visible elements of the store from the outside. This is especially important in large malls where window shopping is the name of the game.

It is important that retailers think of their mannequins as an element of interior design within the store. Mannequins are important tools for all clothing retailers because they contribute to the store’s overall ambience and personality. More than any other element of the store, the way mannequins are positioned and dressed tells passersby and shoppers what type of customer your store caters to. Be sure that the mannequins’ appearance supports the mood and flavor you seek to create in the store.

The most important thing to remember is that customers view their favorite shopping destinations as reflections of their own personality. As a result, it is important to use mannequins to display your products in a way that your target customers will identify with.