Discover How Dunav Insurance Company Champions Gender Equality

When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Dunav Insurance Company stands out for its steadfast dedication to championing women’s rights and fostering gender equality.

Through a series of impactful initiatives, Dunav has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to creating opportunities for women to thrive, both within the company and in the broader community.

1. Empowering Survivors of Domestic Violence

One of Dunav’s standout initiatives is its collaboration with the Gender Equality Council of the City of Belgrade and the Safe House. This partnership aims to empower women to combat domestic violence by providing employment opportunities and issuing free health insurance policies to survivors. By offering tangible assistance and support, Dunav ensures that women have the resources needed to rebuild their lives with dignity and independence.

2. Driving Social Change Through Community Development

Dunav’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond its corporate walls and into the communities it serves. Through strategic partnerships with prominent figures like Serbian TV host Tamara Grujic, Dunav spearheads initiatives to uplift socially vulnerable families and enhance educational infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. By constructing new homes and renovating schools, Dunav empowers women who are often disproportionately affected by poverty and lack of resources.

3. Advocating for Women’s Health

Recognizing the importance of women’s health, Dunav actively engages in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention and early detection. Through collaborations with organizations like the Woman to Woman Association and participation in campaigns like the Be Brave Caravan, Dunav provides free preventive examinations to women across Serbia. By empowering women to take charge of their health and well-being, Dunav underscores its dedication to supporting women beyond traditional insurance services.

4. Supporting Women in Leadership

CEO Ivana Sokovic emphasizes the importance of creating inclusive work environments where women can thrive professionally while balancing other aspects of their lives. By fostering a supportive culture and offering opportunities for professional development, Dunav aims to empower women to overcome challenges and excel in leadership roles within the company.

Dunav Insurance Company’s initiatives to promote gender equality exemplify its commitment to corporate social responsibility and positive social change. Through strategic partnerships, advocacy efforts, and community engagement, Dunav not only supports women in overcoming obstacles but also fosters a culture of empowerment and inclusivity. As we continue to strive for gender equality, Dunav serves as a prime example of what can be achieved when companies prioritize the well-being and empowerment of women.


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