Classy Store Fixtures Add Pizzaz To Any Retail Display

Ever look into a window of a store only to be bored and underwhelmed? Excitement and interest are key components to the success of any retail display. The merchandise must certainly be interesting and inviting to get you into the store. However, the store fixtures can add interest also and are as much of the retail store presentation and its ultimate merchandising success as the product line itself.

Retail merchandising has always been about creating interest and some buzz about the product being sold. When buying at wholesale and reselling, the store owner has got to provide some excitement in order to get buyers interested and ultimately buying. Today’s fixtures are not just the standard chrome or painted white shelves of the past. The store owner has an array of classy display units to choose from to create an interesting display to grab and hold the customers’ interest.

Retail fixtures now come in many styles. If you have a gift or accessories store, consider using some of the wrought iron bakers racks and display racks. These units are available with wire, wood and glass shelves to accommodate most small product lines. A variety of wholesale vendors have fixtures and display racks readily available ranging from classic old world designs to ultra modern styling. Pick a style that fits your store and then arrange merchandise in an interesting and inviting fashion. While chrome and basic black are good standbys when unsure of color direction, you can choose a color theme like gold, rust finish or other popular tone to enhance the look in your store.

Shelves and shelf style are an important choice also when choosing store fixtures. If you have a plant store or are merchandising baskets, racks or fixtures with wire shelves might be the right choice for you. Other small items like small decorative accessories display well on glass shelves. Glass allows light to pass through each shelf and does not create an extremely dark area near the bottom of the unit. While this can be offset with spot lighting in the store, the retailer generally needs all the available light to properly display retail merchandise. Wood, metal and other solid surface shelves can provide a great deal of weight bearing capacity but as mentioned limit the amount of light available near the floor to display merchandise. Choose your fixtures based on the type of merchandise your are displaying.

While plain white metal shelves are great for selling cereal, they leave much to be desired when selling collectibles and decorative accessories. Jane does not have to Plain when it comes to the retail store environment. Jazz it up a little buy choosing display fixtures with class and style to enhance your products. Inject some interest into your merchandising presentations and you will have a store filled with customers and a fat bottom line. Don’t worry about “Where Are My Customers.” Instead concern yourself with more important details like making sure you have a good supply of printing tape for the cash register.