One of the fastest growing businesses in America is tanning salons. Along with this business there have been development of new products. One of the most recent products are tanning bed stickers.

These stickers are very simple, and are what the name leads you to think. They are stickers for your body. The purpose of these stickers are to create a design or shape on your body. Used while tanning, when you place the sticker on your body, the rest of your skin tans, and the area underneath remains a lighter shade or shades then the rest of your skin.

To use tanning stickers, make sure the area on your body you desire to have the sticker is dry. The stickers can be used in all types and methods of tanning. Natural sunlight, indoor tanning, and airbrush tanning. If choosing the airbrush method of tanning, the sticker will have to be placed carefully to ensure the sticker stays in place.

If you are worried about the appearance of the lighter shade of skin from the tanning sticker, there are designs that will make the spot look like a tattoo. There are thousands of designs and shapes to choose from. You can choose words such as sexy, mom, or princess to name a few. The most popular stickers are; dolphins, hearts, stars or the ever popular Playboy bunny logo.

While using these stickers, you can also use tanning lotion, or tan accelerating lotion. This helps make the uncovered skin darker, therefore making the area where the sticker was more dramatic and noticeable.For you tanning lovers, you can also use these to track the progress of your tan.

They are a great way to show you how much darker your skin has gotten.

You can purchase these simple, yet inventive stickers online, or in your local tanning salon. They come in rolls similar to duct tape, which makes it accessible when trying to use a new sticker or different design.

The prices rang from a very inexpensive $3.25 to $20.00. Another fun idea for these stickers is to use them for decorating, notebooks, scrapbooks, etc. There is always a use for these fun little items custom vinyl stickers .