6 Steps To Develop And Bring Action Plans To Fruition

All the great promises, ideas, pledges, and intentions, achieve very little, unless/ until, a true leader proceeds, forward, to bring about a well – considered, relevant, action plan, based on a strategy, to bring it, to fruition! After, more than four decades of involvement, in nearly all areas of leadership, from identifying and qualifying the right individuals, to make a difference, for the better, to developing, training, and teaching them the essentials of leadership planning, to serving, personally, on several occasions, as a leader, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or potential ones, I strongly believe, it is essential, for a real leader, to understand and appreciate, and use, meaningful strategic planning, in order to perceive and conceive of, create, and develop, the best possible, action plan! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 key steps, in this desirable process.

1. Thorough strategic planning: Begin with thoroughly, engaging in true, strategic planning. Unfortunately, many, merely, gripe, blame and complain, instead! This process must examine, beginning with the group’s heritage, and Mission Statement, and considering, the best way, to evolve, how to proceed. Then, fully consider, alternatives, and strategies, and anticipated impacts, as well as ramifications. The better prepared, and ready, the more, the group benefits!

2. Determine priorities/ goals/ perceptions: How can anyone, plan, effectively, and properly, unless/ until, the true priorities, goals, needs, and perceptions of the group, are seriously considered, and one focuses on the best way to address these?

3. Develop team/ inner circle: No one can lead, effectively, in a vacuum! It takes a well – considered, quality team, with complimentary, skills, abilities, experience, and expertise, and somewhat of a shared vision! Therefore, it’s essential to carefully choose the right individuals, to join in your inner circle, and bring a plan, to fruition!

4. Create a meaningful budget: Create a meaningful budget, because, this directs the group, to transform ideas, to a plan! Don’t merely go through the motions, but, rather, create a document, which will make all the difference, in a positive, productive manner!

5. Perceive, conceive, develop, and implement a quality action plan: Begin, by perceiving and conceiving of what is needed, and necessary, then develop a strategically – designed, plan, and move forward, to implement it, effectively. Discover why it’s known, as an action plan!

6. Articulate an inspiring, motivating message, to get constituents, to buy – in: If you seek to achieve quality objectives, it’s important to inspire and motivate stakeholders, to believe in, care about, and participate, in achieving the potential, of you action plan!

If you hope to be an effective leader, and achieve quality objectives, for the better, you’ll need to strategically, develop, and implement, the most relevant, action plan! Are you up to the task?