4 Applications That Are Improving the Retail Business

On each passing day, technology is progressing and leaving various impacts on the diverse business sectors. The retail business field is no exception to it. The retailers are showing their great interests to embrace enhanced tools like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) so that they can devise engaging and amazing experiences that would take the level of interaction between the retailer and the consumer to a whole new level. Here is a list of a few applications that are transforming the shape of the entire retail industry and helping the business to grow.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality would offer the latest way of envisioning products, creating quality content along with engaging the products with popular brands.

#1 Alibaba Buy+

This app would give a riveting shopping experience. You can get this immersive experience through a device by Google Cardboard. The virtual shopping mall launched by Alibaba offers the customers the feel of buying products from real-life stores such as Macy’s, Target or Costco. The users simply need to stare at the products of their choice and they can interact with the products. Customers can ask for virtual models, who would showcase the accessories and apparel.

#2 Retale

This mobile application is location-based. The customers can do their necessary shopping on local offers but through the world of 3D VR. The users can not only check out the VR showrooms but can check out the weekly deals as well. If they like any particular product, they can add it to the shopping list. Interacting with the products becomes smoother through product links, clippable coupons along with an impressive video. If the users like any particular product, they can get the navigation information to reach to the nearby store, where the product is available.

Artificial Intelligence (AR)

In today’s tech-savvy era, AR is becoming almost a must-have part of the online shopping experience. According to a recently made survey, more than 71% of the US millennials believe that this AI would precisely anticipate what type of product they want.

#3 H&M Chatbot

To give your visitors an amazing shopping experience, integrating this chatbot is a good choice. It navigates the users or the visitors through a range of outfits depending on the preferences of the users. Once the users define the sex along with the style they prefer, this chatbot successfully suggests different items. The user can either like or dislike the product. If the user does not like the suggested product, the chatbot would offer new recommendations. If the user likes a particular product, it would come up with four options – ‘save it for later’, ‘shop it online’, ‘share with your friends’ and ‘see a new suggestion’.

Augmented Reality

This scalable and robust technological innovation is transforming the retail business to some great extent.

#4 Migros Discover

Migros is a Swiss supermarket. Recently, Migros launched an innovative feature “Discover” in their mobile application. “Discover” successfully integrates Artificial Intelligence. By scanning any one product of the total number of 5000+ products, the users can get an access to the detailed product information along with real-time reviews, ratings, nutritional values and recipes.

Other than all the above-mentioned applications, apps like The Apollo Box, Sephora Visual Artist, Record, Lowe’s Holoroom etc. are making a huge market base.